How to Find The Nearest Post Office in USA to Buy Stamps

Are you trying to find the nearest post office in the USA to buy stamps? You can use the Google Maps that we have shared below. It will help you to locate the nearest United States Postal Services also known as USPS. It remains open 5 days of the week and on Saturday it is usually open for half day. Below are the official timings of U.S post office but its timings also depend on the area it is located in. Offices located in big town tend to have the most convenient timings to facilitate the customers.


Find The Nearest Post Office in USA to Buy Stamps

Location Category Days Open Weekday Hours Stamp Qty Sold Stamp Type
USPS Post Office Mon-Sat 9 am – 6 pm Any Any

How to Find The Nearest Post Office in the USA to Buy Stamps

You can use the above map to find the post office near you, it will also help you to find other USPS offices. In addition to that, you can also use the official USPS locator on their website to find the office in your area. This online locator allows you to search the nearest office by simply entering the Zip code, state or city. Moreover, Yelp is also a good choice to the post office near you.

Even if there’s no local post office near you, you can buy stamps online by clicking the image below:

After composing the mail you can drop it in the nearest post box.

Post Office Working Hours

In most of the towns post office remains open from Monday to Saturday. As far as office hours are a concern, most office timings are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Saturday timings are different, it is 9 AM to 12 PM but in small towns, most of the offices remain closed on Saturday. It all depends on the customer flow in a particular area.

During the high volume mailing seasons such as Christmas Holidays and tax season, post office remain open for extended hours. Furthermore, you can use post office collection box if your parcel weighs less than 13 ounces. You can easily find nearest post office drop box here.

Post Office Alternatives to Buy Stamps

If you are living at place, where no post office is near you then you can visit UPS stores near you or FedEx stores to buy stamps and for shipment as well. You will find all the mail related products from these two stores, they are actually selling USPS items.

If you want to buy stamps but your nearest post office is close or it is too far away from your residence, then there are many other options from where you can buy stamps easily. Apart from FedEx and UPS, there are plenty of grocery stores and pharmacies that are authorized to sell stamps. Top of the list stores include; Walmart, Safeway, Kroger and Target and pharmacies include; Walgreens and CVS. Most of the stores sell book of 20 postage stamps, if you need individual stamps you can visit banks near you. Good thing is all these stores sell stamps at a price similar to post office and many of them remain open on weekend.

I hope this guide will help you to find the nearest post office in USA to buy stamps. If you face any problem or have any concern related to buying stamps, feel free to leave your message in comment box below. Our team will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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