Does Staples Sell Stamps? Nearest Staples Store to Buy Stamps

Does Staples Sell Stamps? Yes, stamps can be purchased at the Staples store in your region. The best thing is you can buy an individual or book of stamps (20 counts). The price of postage stamps at Staples is the same as the one that is charged at your local post office. We suggest you weigh your envelope before purchasing stamps, to get an idea about the number of stamps required for the successful delivery of mail. You can find more information about it on where to buy stamps in USA near me.


Does Staples Sell Stamps? Find Nearest Staples Store to Buy Stamps

Does Staples Sell Stamps?

Staples is one of the rapidly growing stores in the United States. All stores countrywide operate during weekdays and few of them are open on weekends. This makes it easier for you guys to buy stamps on Saturdays and Sundays when your local post office is closed. You can make good use of Staples online store locator to find the nearest store where you can visit and take the help of staff members about the type of stamps you need. At most locations, you will find Forever stamps because they are commonly used.

You can also buy forever stamps online, that will be delivered at your home within 2 working days.

Staples Store Locator

It is located in almost all the states of the U.S with subsidiaries in Argentina and Canada. For more information on stores located in each state, you can visit the official website of Staples. You will be asked to provide the address, click search, and in results, you will see a list of nearby stores. Staples store locator is very and simple to use and believe me it is very helpful.

If you don’t want to use the online search option, you can download and install the Staples official app available on Android and iOS stores. This app can be used to make inquiries about a particular product or to find the store near you. There are also special centres of Staples where you can visit and gather information about their services. You can use the google maps below to find the nearest Staples store, hope this will answer your question, where can I buy stamps near me?

Buying Stamps at Staples

If you are thinking does staples sell stamps? Like Walgreens you can buy individual stamp or book of stamps at Staples. For this you need to visit the office supplies section of the store. The price that you will pay to buy stamps will be similar to the one that you pay to UPS or USPS. There are few advantages of buying stamps at Staples like you can also get envelopes and other packing supplies from the store. It means you will get all the items you need to compose a successful mail under one roof.

What Else You Can Buy at Staple

Staples is known for selling office supplies, computer hardware and accessories, cleaning supplies and few food items such as coffee and snacks. There are 1,225 Staples stores countrywide and these numbers are increasing every year. All the products available at store are of high quality. You will find almost anything that you need for your office.

No compromise on quality is the basic motto of Staples. They conduct quality test on their products in order to provide highest quality items to their customers. You may not find all the products discussed above in a single store, however some larger stores do provide everything you need. Since the company has postage stamps in its product line, you will find stamps at all Staples stores.

Few other services offered by Staples are listed below:

  • IT Consulting
  • Facility Supplies
  • Office Furnishing
  • Data Center Sourcing for Computer Hardware
  • Health and Beauty Products
  • Electronics Sale and Repairs
  • Furniture Supplies

History of Staples

In 1985, Staples was co-founded by former rivals retail industry in England, Leo Kahn and Thomas Stemberg. They joined hands to create a retail chain stores in United States. The company opened its first store on May 1, 1986 in Massachusetts. Now Staples, Inc. is one of the largest office supplies store chain in U.S. Currently there are 1,225 stores with 40 other warehouses countrywide. Staples is known for selling supplies like staples, office machines, promotional products, technology etc.

Currently, annual revenue of Staples is $ 21.059 billion and $ 390 million net income. There are more than 79,000 employees working in the company, making it the 20th largest retail store in the country. There are two division of the company, one is located in Canada and other in Argentina. Over the Staples has received numerous customer satisfaction awards. They are looking forward for more acquisitions and expanding their branch network.

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