Does Dollar General Sell Postage Stamps? [2022]

Does dollar general sell postage stamps? The DG store sells everything except postage stamps. The store doesn’t sell forever stamps.

Being one of the biggest variety stores in the United States, people expect them to sell everything under one roof. But there are a few things that aren’t available in dollar general stores and one of them is postage stamps.

A lot of people ask does dollar general sells postage stamps?

The one-word answer to this question is NO!

Does Dollar General Sell Postage Stamps? [2022]

None of the Dollar General stores sells stamps. But this is not something to get disappointed at. There is a huge list of stores that sell USPS forever postage stamps. We are listing a few of them below:

  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid
  • Amazon
  • UPS Store
  • 711
  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • Target
  • Gas Stations
  • Pharmacies

There are more than 15 store chains that sell stamps. We recommend you visit our page for a complete list – of where can I buy postage stamps. Apart from physical stores, you can also order postage stamps online from Amazon and eBay. Once the order is placed, you will get the book of stamps at your home within 48 hours.


Cost of Postage Stamps at Stores?

Whether you are buying stamps from Walmart, FedEx, or Amazon, the price of postage stamps remains the same as they are available at the post office. The major drawbacks of buying stamps from stores are, that they only sell Forever stamps, and they sell them in a book of 20. You can’t buy a single stamp from them. Your first preference for buying postage stamps near me must be a post office. If there is no post office near your home, then you can visit the stores listed above.

What Does Dollar General Stores Sell?

As it is clear from the above statements that Dollar General doesn’t sell any kind of stamps, then you must be wondering what items you can buy at Dollar General. Well, like Walmart and Walgreens, they sell everything at highly affordable prices. From home appliances to food items, you can buy anything except stamps. However, you can purchase envelopes, tapes, a weighing machine, and office supplies from the store.

Customers of DG stores are going with every passing day and it has become one of the major competitors of Walmart. According to a report by Quartz: Dollar General and Dollar Tree are successfully stealing Walmart customers. But Walmart has one edge over Dollar General and that is, that Walmart sells stamps and till date, you will not find stamps in DG stores.

Find the Dollar General Store Near You

You can easily find the DG store near you by visiting their official website. The website has a section name Store Locator. Visit that section and type your zip code and the tool will automatically fetch the nearest location of the Dollar General store.

Dollar General Store Locator

Is There Any Dollar Store That Sells Postage Stamps?

As per our findings, there are three different stories that have a dollar in their first or second name. We are listing them below:

  • Family Dollar
  • Dollar Tree
  • Dollar General

For now, none of them are selling postage stamps. Maybe in the future, you will find a counter dedicated to selling stamps or you will find them in the office supplies section.

History of Dollar General

The first store of Dollar General was established in 1939 with a name J.L. Turner and Son. After 16 years of its establishment in 1955, its name was changed to Dollar General Corporation. As per its latest Annual Report the company has 17,177 operational stores in 46 different states of the U.S.A.

How Can I Buy Stamps Without Going to the Post Office?

If the United States Postal Services office is not near your home, you can call them at this number – 1-800-782-6724 to get the stamps at your home OR you can visit the nearest local grocery, pharmacy, convenience, and office supply stores to buy stamps. Some banks sell stamps, and you can use their ATMs as well. Ordering stamps online from e-commerce stores is also an excellent option if you are a couch potato.

Final Words

To sum things up, Dollar General does not sell stamps, but there are many other options available to you from where you can buy stamps. You can either order the stamps online or visit the nearest grocery store to get stamps.

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