Brief History of Postage Stamps and Types of Stamps

Brief History of Postage Stamps and Types of Stamps

Brief History of Postage Stamps and Types of StampsFirst postage stamp named ‘Penny Black’ was introduced on 1 May 1840 in United Kingdom, Ireland and America. Prior to the birth of stamps, people simple fold the letter, seal it and hand it over to post office. The person who received the letter used to pay the costs. Rates at that time were very high that’s why many people refuse to accept the mail in order to avoid paying delivery charges. In 1837 Sir Rowland Hill made necessary reforms in the mailing system which later on resulted in introduction of postage stamps. Postage stamps perforation was started in January 1854 and first perforated stamp was issued in February 1854 and its purpose was to easily takeout desired number of stamps.

A handwritten letter not only contains words but it also carry emotions and feelings with it. We know that use of postage stamps have been reduced to minimal. Still remember licking stamp and pasting it on the envelope. But those days a long gone now, now very few people know “where to buy stamps”. There first priority is Google to find out ‘where can I buy stamps?’ it sounds strange but it’s true.

People think that they can buy postage stamps only from post office, but there are also few designated places who have authority to sell stamps. This include Walmart, CVS, Wallgreens, Gas Stations, Staples etc. You can also order postage stamps in bulk from USPS or Amazon.

Types of Stamps

There are many different type of stamps, few of them are listed below:

  • Definitive Stamps
  • Booklet Stamps
  • Certified Mail Stamps
  • Commemorative Stamps
  • Coil Stamps
  • Customized Stamps
  • International Stamps

Definitive Stamps are the most commonly used stamps, it’s very small in size (less than an inch square) and is used on parcels and letters. Due to its high usage these stamps are printed in large quantities to fulfill everyday postal needs. Commemorative Stamps are issued in an honor of some person or events. Like stamps of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Special Stamps are those that are printed in limited numbers on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas.

Some people have adopted stamps collection as hobby. It doesn’t requires a big investment to kick-off and it’s easy as well. Age doesn’t matter in this because it’s suitable for all. Those who collect stamps also go into minute details of the stamps. Study of postage stamps is known as Philately and people who collect information from stamps are called ‘philatelists’.

The easiest way to start stamps collection as hobby is to start saving stamps from the letters, post cards and parcels you receive. You can also choose a subject of stamps like arts, history and sport etc. Buy stamps album and start pasting your collection today.