Does Walmart Sell Stamps? Nearest Walmart Store to Buy Stamps

Does Walmart Sell Stamps? The answer is YES! There are some stores in the United States that are authorized to sell postage stamps and Walmart is one of them. You can buy forever postage stamps from any Walmart store near you.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps? Find Nearest Walmart Store to Buy StampsDoes Walmart Sell Stamps?

YES! Along with many consumer goods, Walmart also has a right to sell postage stamps. Walmart is the largest hypermarkets and a grocery store chain in U.S and is also one of the largest companies in the world by revenue. Walmart sell stamps and you can buy it from your nearly located store. There’s no restriction on the amount of stamps you buy it can be a single or a book of 20.

Where to Buy Stamps at Walmart – Find Nearest Store

You can use a Walmart store locator to find the nearest store and buy stamps from there or for your ease we are sharing Google map below that can be handy as well. After locating the nearest store, you must call them before visit to ensure the availability of stamps in stock. Once the availability is confirmed, simply walking into the Walmart and the representatives where to buy stamps or contact cashier to purchase stamps.

Walmart is one of the biggest retail stores operating in the United States. Walmart is also allowed to sell postage stamps and you can buy stamps at prices similar to USPS office. Unlike Kroger stores who sell stamps in books of 20 but in case of Walmart, you can buy individual stamps or in books. Before buying stamps we suggest you to check the weight of your package using the nearest weighing machine. It will help you to know how many stamps you need for your envelope or parcel. You won’t be able to weigh your package at Walmart so before visiting the store you must weigh your item.

Another great thing in connection with does Walmart sell stamps is that, with Walmart stamps online service you can get the postage stamps at your door steps. To order right now, click on buy online now given below:

Walmart Locations

It’s not a big deal to find a nearest Walmart store in the United States or outside U.S. You can use the Walmart store finder on their official website to locate the store near to you. This will not only help you to find the nearest Walmart store, but also provides you information about their working hours, customer care contacts and street address of the store. Working hours of stores vary from region to region, so its good to check store opening and close timings before visiting.

You can use store locator not only for buying stamps from Walmart, it can be handy if you want to buy Walmart money cards, inquiries about the availability of product in the store or any other information. So we suggest you guys to use a Walmart store locator to save your time.

Can You Buy Stamps at Walmart Stores?

It’s not only you who are searching on google – where to buy stamps at Walmart near me, there are many other people in the United States are looking for the same thing. But before visit you should make confirmation whether the stamps are available in store or not. Some stores don’t sell individual stamps, they only sell in books of 20. However, the price of postage stamps is same in all Walmart stores across the U.S. Best thing about Walmart is, they are open on weekends and you can buy stamps when the USPS office is close.

What Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart is engaged in selling all kinds of consumer goods. There is no doubt that, It is the biggest retail store in United States with wholly owned operations in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, United Kingdom and Canada. You can buy postage stamps, clothing, electronics, home appliances, medicines and all other consumer goods at Walmart stores. Like other big stores all over the world Walmart also provide discount vouches that can be used to avail special discounts on all items. Surprising factor is that, it Walmart has rights to issue money orders. Using MoneyGram service at store, you can easily and safely transfer funds.

What Does Walmart Don’t Sell?

We already gave you answer of the question does Walmart sell stamps? You guys might have heard that Walmart sell all kind of consumer goods but truth is there are plenty of things that you won’t find at world’s largest stores chain. We are enlisting few things that you won’t be able to get at Walmart:

  • Automobile
  • White Wedding Gown
  • Funeral Services
  • Pets
  • Will Writing Services

Background of Walmart

Walmart started its journey in 1950, when Sam Walton former J. C. Penney employee bought a store from Butler Brothers and named it “5 & 10” store. Walton opened the first Walmart store in Orzak Mountain Town location comprising of less that 3000 residents. But If we have a look at today’s Walmart, it has grown up and become one of the largest retailer store in the world.

Walmart started growing with its unique business idea of keeping product prices low and increasing sales volume. Walmart keep on growing with the passage of time and by 1967, it expanded its network to 24 stores in Arkansas reaching a record sale of $13 million approximately. The company was incorporated on October 31, 1969 and is ow widely known as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. In 1968, Walmart stepped out of Arkansas and opened its stores in Missouri and Oklahoma later on they opened branches in Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Mississippi.

Right now (2017) Walmart has more than 11,695 stores all over the world. According to the Fortune Global 500, Walmart’s sale in 2016 was $480 billion approx with 62.3% sales from United States operations. It is also the world’s largest private sector employer with 2.3 million employees. It is currently operating in Mexico, Central America, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Canada and planning to open more stores in United States and other parts of the world.


Hope you will find this page does Walmart sell stamps useful. We provide all the information that can help you in buying stamps from Walmart. If there’s any Walmart store near your house, you can buy stamps from it. You can use store locator on Walmart’s website or Google maps for finding the store near you.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps?
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Does Walmart Sell Stamps?
If you are looking for an answer of does Walmart sell stamps, the answer is YES! Walmart is allowed to sell postage stamps in United States.

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