Buying Money Orders at Walmart Near Me

Buying money orders at Walmart near me – Walmart is one of the U.S biggest superstores with huge variety of grocery items, cosmetic products, shoes etc. You will find everything on Walmart shelves. One of the things that very few people know is, Walmart also process money orders. Walmart money order is one of the safest way of transferring money within the United States.

Earlier we shared a detailed post on buying stamps at Walmart store near you. Here we are going to share a valuable information on using Walmart money orders.

Buying Money Orders at Walmart Near Me

Buying Money Orders at Walmart

In order to get money order you need to visit your nearest Walmart store because it is something that cannot be done over the phone. Each Walmart store has a section known as Walmart MoneyCenter, which provides services like online billing, check cashing, processing money order etc. Money Center has its own working hours which also varies from location to location, so you should check with your local store.

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Walmart money order limit in a single purchase is up to $1000 and per day you can only buy 3, which as per calculation make: 3 Money Orders X $1000 = $3000

One of the major reason for placing a limit is money order scam made by people. So anything about $3000 is considered as suspicious activity, as per Walmart policy.

Buying Money Orders at Walmart

Walmart Money Order Cashing

Cashing Walmart money orders is different from the one we normally use at banks. Money order issued by Walmart can only be cashed at Walmart and it has a Walmart Moneygram logo on it. If the store didn’t issued it, you wont be able to cash it from any store, in this case you need to visit post office or bank. You need to pay a small fee to cash out your money order.

MoneyGram is a third party service that Walmart uses to process its money order and electronic bills.

How to Find Walmart Store Near You

Couple of best ways to locate the Walmart store near you is to use their official store locator or by using Google Maps service and on maps you will easily find store locations near you.

In Walmart you need to go to Money Center, where money orders and electronic billing is processed.

Service Provided by Walmart Money Center

Below is the complete list of services that you can get at Walmart MoneyCenter:

  • Walmart Credit Card
  • Money Transfers
  • Walmart MoneyCard
  • Promotional Products
  • Product Care Plan
  • Check Printing
  • Bill Pay & Money Order
  • Bluebird
  • Netspend
  • Walmart Pay
  • Check Cashing
  • Rapid Reload
  • Coinstar
  • Tax Prep Services

Why You Should Use Money Order

Money order is one of the safest and securest option for sending and receiving money. You can use money orders for following reasons:

  • Want to pay bills but don’t have a checking account
  • Want to send cash without taking any risk
  • Ensuring only the recipient can cash it
  • International funds transfer

Walmart MoneyCenter is one of the most convenient option for everyone to send, receive money countrywide and for buying money orders at Walmart. They have extended working hours means if bank is close you can get Walmart services. Furthermore, Walmart’s service charges are very low and has many other benefits as well.