You will find postage stamps, cards, and envelopes at many local grocery stores. Still many people find it difficult and they ask where to buy stamps near me? Keeping this problem in front, we have made a simple guide on where can I buy stamps. It will help you a lot in finding postage stamps near you.

You can buy postage stamps for your mail at your local post office. In the USA you can buy stamps from United States postal service by visiting their website and place your order. The advantage of ordering postage stamps online is that it will be delivered right to your doorsteps. There are few well-known retail stores and pharmacy who also sell stamps. You may find some of them near your home such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Staples, Rite Aid, etc. In addition to this some banks such as US Bank, Wells Fargo, Key Bank etc. You can buy also buy stamps online from world’s number 1 eCommerce website Amazon or from the USPS official website. Purpose of making this page is to solve people problems who are facing difficulties in finding the nearest location to buy stamps.

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Guide on Where to Buy Stamps Near Me | Where Can I Buy Stamps

Buy Stamps Near Me?

Below is the complete list of locations to buy stamps near you in United States. The List includes banks, retailers, pharmacy and official USPS locations.

Where to Buy Stamps

List of Locations to Buy Stamps Near You

Locations Type Open Hours Store Locator
USPS Post Office 8am – 8pm USPS Locator
CVS Pharmacy 8am – 9pm Find CVS Locations
Rite-Aid Pharmacy 8am – 7pm Find Rite Aid Locations
Walgreens Pharmacy 8am – 8pm Find Walgreens Locations
Walmart Retailer 8am – 10pm Find Walmart Locations
Staples Office Supplies 8am – 9pm Find Staples Locations
Fed Ex Copy Copy Center 8am – 10pm Find Fedex Locations
711 Copy Center 8am – 10pm 711 Locations
Check Cashing Bank Varies by location Find Check Cashing Locations
US Bank Bank 8am – 6pm US Bank Locations
Wells Fargo Bank 8am – 7pm Wells Fargo Locatoions
Amazon Retailer 24 Hours Amazon Stamps

What is Postage Stamp and What’s the Purpose of Using It?

A postage stamp is a small custom-made paper sizing 0.87 x 0.979 inches that a person buys and paste on a mail item as an evidence of postage payment. The stamps are printed in different shapes, but the rectangular shape is most commonly used. It is affixed to the parcel, mail or envelope that a person wants to send. There are four main components of postage stamps:

  • Image
  • Perforations
  • Denomination
  • Country name

four main components of postage stamps

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As you can see in the image that the postage stamp has designation and denomination on the front, on some postage stamps, you will also find pictures of some historical places or cultural symbols on the front. People buy postage stamps from the postal administration or authorized vendors. Below is the list of postal service providers of different countries from where you can buy stamps near me and send mail.

Country Postal Administrator
Canada Canada Post
United Kingdom UK and International Post
South Africa South African Post Office
Norway Posten
Australia Australia Post
New Zealand NewZealand Post
Denmark Post Denmark
Sweden PostNord Sverige
Germany Deutsche Post

Usage of postage stamps is not new; people are using stamps since the 1840s. It plays a vital role in facilitating the entire mailing system. Without these stamps, the postage system would have been very complex. For us, it’s a simple small piece of paper, and we do the writing, sealing and sending stuff that’s it but for postage guys and mail handling companies ‘stamp’ play a key role because it contains so many important details that we are not aware of. Usually, a stamp contains the following information:

  • Is the mail to be sent through airplane, train, boat or automobile?
  • Is it the premium fast/speed mail or regular mail?
  • What does it contain? Letters, newspapers or important official messages.

Below is the picture of world’s first ever postage stamp, issued in British regime:

firts british stamp

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Some customers are willing to pay more, depending on the importance of documents or parcel to be sent. There are special postage stamps have unique promos on them, that fulfill needs of such customers. Mails having special stamps are given first class treatment so they could reach desired destination soonest and safely. People also use their photos to add sentimental value to the parcel or mail.

Another benefit of using postage stamps is, it allows the mail handling companies to categorize all the mails without spending too much time easily. All they have to do is to separate mails with similar stamps from others and send them for delivery. In this way, the transactions become easy and simple both for customers and managers. This is how mailing system is working efficiently to date, and people still use and trust this mail delivery system.

Since the introduction of e-mails, use of snail mails have been reduced worldwide because emails are much faster and more reliable. Saying it won’t be wrong that in past mailing services was widely used for sending letters or any other handwritten messages. Family members, relatives, friends and lovers communicated with each other using these snail mails. But the introduction of internet and emails have widely replaced the snail mails phenomenon.

Today, you can contact your dear and loved ones by simply logging into your email or social media account and send a message that’s it. All you need to do is to type a message and click the send button, bam! Your message will be delivered instantly. Now you can also check that whether your sent message has been seen by the receiver or not. See it’s fast and reliable. People now use mail only to send packages and gift items to their loved ones because these items can’t be sent through email. So we still need postage stamps in our life, there is some use of it left in the world. But here I must say one thing for lovers; there is an emotional attachment in what you write with your own hands and send it.

Now Stamps have become a glittering and eye-catching object. It’s a hobby of many people in the world, they collect unique, special and different stamps and paste them in their albums. In simple words, postage stamps are now recognized as antiques and historical items. Stamps vary from country to country; each country has their unique design and style of postage stamps. There is a change in the design, style, and size of the stamps over the years. These changes make a collection of stamps more exciting and valuable for the collectors.

What is Commemorative Postage Stamp and How Can I Buy It?

A commemorative stamp is issued on an anniversary, to recall an event in history, person or object. There is always a limited edition of such stamps. Below are few images of 2017 commemorative postage stamps that are issued:

What is Commemorative Postage StampWhat is Commemorative Postage Stamp

What is Commemorative Postage Stamp









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Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me

Obviously, the post office near your home is an ideal location from where you can buy stamps. We are adding a Google Map below that will help you to locate the nearest post office:

If the above shared map didn’t helped you and you are still searching guide on where to buy stamps near me? Here is a list of some retailers who sell postage stamps, that can be become good options for you.


Does Banks Sell Stamps?There are many authorized banks who sell postage stamps. Whenever you visit any bank for business, do ask them, if they sell stamps or not. In United States, US Bank, Key Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, sell stamps during their business hours. So, if you want to buy postage stamps from bank it’s important that you visit them on working hours. Bank is a best place to purchase stamps for every one who is keen to know where to buy stamps near me.

Banks that Sell Postage Stamps

Below is the complete list of banks that sell postage stamps in U.S:

  • Fifth Third Bank
  • KeyBank
  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo Bank


Buy Stamps Rite Aid PharmacyYou will be amazed to know that in United States pharmacies are not only limited to selling, medicines and foods to customers but they are also engaged in selling postage stamps. It sounds a bit amusing, but its true. Not everyone is allowed to do so, only authorized pharmacies have permission to sell stamps. Now pharmacies have become a popular place for buying birthdays, anniversaries, special occasion greeting cards and buying stamps near you.

Pharmacies that Sells Postage Stamps

Below list will answer your question, Does Walgreens sell stamps or not? Checkout the list to learn name of pharmacies allowed to sell stamps:

Grocery Stores

Wallmart Sell StampsGrocery store is a good option to where to buy stamps near me. The big advantage is that they are open round the clock and you can buy required number of postage stamps anytime. You can also buy envelope and wrappers from the same store. So, it’s a kind of one stop shop for you that will fulfill all your mailing needs. You can buy stamps on weekends as well.

Grocery Stores That Sell Postage Stamps

People residing in United States or the tourists always look for guide on where to buy stamps near me in USA?

I hope the above share list have answer lots of people question that, does Walmart sell stamps? You can clearly see its on top of the list.

Gas Stations

For your convenience there are some gas stations that may sell stamps. But for this we have a suggestion for you that you must call them before visit, to know they have stamps in stock or not.

Gas Stations That Sell Postage Stamps

You can visit one of the stores given below to get answer of where to buy stamps near me:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Circle K
  • QuikTrip
  • Stinker Stores

Wholesale Club Stores

These are the stores that sell wide range of items and you can buy items from them in bulk. Few of them are also authorized to sell stamps. From these stores, you can buy stamps on weekends as well.

Wholesale Club Stores that Sell Postage Stamps

Below you will find the list of wholesale club store that are engaged in selling of postage stamps:

  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club

Office Supply Stores

A good option to buy postage stamps for United States people is office supply stores. These stores remain open on weekend. Best thing is you can buy all the stuff you need for the creation of mail from these stores.

Office Supply Stores That Sell Postage Stamps

There are only few office supply stores that sell stamps, below is their list:

  • Office Depot/OfficeMax
  • Staples
  • University Bookstores

Buy Stamps Online

ONLINE SITES Selling StampsIf you are a busy person and don’t have time to visit a store and buy stamps. You don’t have to worry because you can place an online order to buy postage stamps. All you need to do is to open Amazon or USPS website, fill their form, select the payment mode and order it online. Postage stamps will be delivered at your door steps. Explore these website to learn how their system work and how you can buy postage stamps online.

Order Stamps OnlineWe hope that all the above mentioned locations will make your buying easy and you won’t be asking people, where can I buy stamps?

Where Can I Buy Stamps | Guide on Where to Buy Stamps Near Me

On certain occasions or holidays season, there is special discount on postage stamps. But the best way to get discount on stamps is to buy in bulk, in this way your expense will be less and you will get stamps in cheap rates. It’s a common thing that whatever you will buy in large quantity you will get discount. Now the next thing that will popup in your mind will be, how much a books of stamps costs? and how many stamps are there in a book? Below is some useful information that will help you in buying postage stamps in bulk and get discounts:

  • Roll – a roll of stamps is a pack containing 10 postage stamps.
  • Book – a book contains 20 pieces of postage stamps.
  • Coil – a coil contains 10,000 postage stamps.

Why You Need to Use a Postage Stamp?

Pasting a postage stamp on envelope, package or parcel means that you have paid the necessary fee needed to deliver it to its destination. In addition to destination, stamps signifies how you want it to be sent; through airplane or train, is it speed mail or normal mail and location of delivery international or domestic. It postage stamp also signify whether it’s an official government, military or civilian who want to send the mail.

One of the most interesting thing is, if you buy an expensive or a special stamp, it will add additional privileges to your package. Your mail will be given priority over the other mails. This means that your package/mail will be delivered safer and faster.

Using a postage stamp may not provide much benefit to the sender but it’s beneficial for postage handlers. They can easily sort out the mails with similar stamps and send them for delivery, if there were no postage stamps it would be difficult for someone to sort out all mails. In short, stamps makes the mailing system clean and efficient.

How Much Postage Stamps Cost in United States?

If you are thinking how much are stamps costing these days? Well answer to this question is, over the period of time demand for postage stamps have decreased specially after the introduction of email system. Email mailing system is much faster, reliable and efficient.

USPS announced new prices for 2018. Check out the details below to learn how much a postage stamps charge. All the below stamps rate are implement from Sunday, January 21, 2018.

First Class Mail 2018 Rates

Mailpiece Weight 2018 2017 Increase
Letters – 1 OZ. $0.50 $0.49 $0.01
Letters – Additional Ounces $0.21 $0.21 $0.00
Metered Mail Letters – 1 OZ. $0.47 $0.46 $0.01
Metered Mail Letters – Additional Ounces $0.21 $0.21 $0.00
Outbound International Letters – 1 OZ. $1.15 $1.15 $0.00
Domestic Postcards $0.35 $0.34 $0.01
Flat/Large Envelope – 1 OZ. $1.00 $0.98 $0.02
Flat/Large Envelope – Additional Ounces $0.21 $0.21 $0.00

These are the latest first class mail rates, we have also compared the 2018 prices with 2017.

Priority Mail Flat Rates 2018

Product 2018 2017 Increase
Small Flat Rate Box $7.20 $7.15 $0.05
Medium Flat Rate Box $13.65 $13.60 $0.05
Large Flat Rate Box $18.90 $18.85 $0.05
APO/FPO Large Flat Rate Box $17.40 $17.35 $0.05
Regular Flat Rate Envelope $6.70 $6.65 $0.05
Legal Flat Rate Envelope $7.00 $6.95 $0.05
Padded Flat Rate Envelope $7.25 $7.20 $0.05

United States Postal Services has also revised priority mail flat rates. As compare to 2017, the mail rates for 2018 are increased. Rates of mail depends mainly on three things: weight, mail class, and shape. To get more details about the mailing click here.

How to Use Postage Stamps

Postage stamps should be pasted on the upper right corner of the envelope, parcel or package. This is the requirements by United States Postal Services and everyone needs to follow it. All you need to stick the adhere part of stamp on your envelope. The big question that arises here is, how many stamps you need to send a letter? Well, it depends on different number of factors, some of the are listed below:

  • Weight of the package
  • Mail class you are using
  • Shape of envelope

To send a simple letter which weighs one ounce requires a postage stamp with a value of 0.49 cents. This is according to 2017 postal rates provided by USPS. The best way to find out how many stamps you will be needing to send a particular mail is to make use of an online tool at the USPS official website. The tool is named as the postage price calculator and this will make your life easy. It will help you to figure out how much cost you need to bear on parcel or package. After finding out the total cost divided it by the number of stamps.

For Example: If United States Postal Service calculator says that your parcel will cost you $2.94 then divided this number with 0.49 cent to know the number of stamps required.

You can use the USPS postage price calculator here –

Please keep in mind the prices we discussed above are as of June 2017.

Here’s a simple video tutorial on how to use postage stamps:

Reuse of Postage Stamps?

It is a federal crime to reuse a postage stamp, so you cannot reuse a stamp. Once a stamp is used on a package or mail it is considered to be canceled. Reusing a stamp is considered as an act of stealing and you can be fined or sent to jail for this act.

Stamps are meant to be use for one time. You guys may have noticed that when you receive a mail there is a round stamp that overlaps the postage stamps. The round ink stamp shows that, this stamp has been used and cannot be reused or sold.

In early days people use to fake stamps and reuse them. In past indicia ink was used on stamps by USPS and using a highlighter marker on stamp could easily fool a machine. But nowadays its not possible to fool a system because postal service is using latest technology in their process and if you try to cheat the system you will be easily caught.

What Happens to Mail with Insufficient Stamps?

If you sent a mail with without or insufficient postage stamps, it will be sent back to you with a not of missing or insufficient postage stamps. You need to apply the stamps and send the mail again. A letter weighing one ounce require only one stamp. Its necessary to weigh your package to get an idea on how many stamps you need to apply on it. You will find more information about it here. Your packages are weighed by the clerks at post office and if it has insufficient stamps then you will be ask to buy and apply more stamps.

Where to Buy Global Forever Stamps

In 2013, U.S postal office services introduced Global Forever First-Class International postage stamps. You can buy only book of stamps because these stamps are not sold individually. You can buy these postage stamps only from post office because no other store in United States is allowed to sell these. The Global stamp offers a single price for any First-Class Mail International 1-ounce letter and you can ship it to any part of the world.


This is an informational page and is only for those people who are interested to learn:

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Buy Stamps Near Me

Now you have learned where to buy stamps near me. It will become more convenient for you to buy all kinds of postage stamps. Now all the places are at your fingertips, all you need to do is to type the name of store that sell stamps in Google maps and you will easily find out the place where can I buy stamps near me. You will find some unexpected sources that are selling stamps in your area.

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